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No major decisions have been made yet, as policy makers are currently in talks with doctors and business leaders as questionnaire data is reviewed.

In addition, the provincial government is providing producers with financial incentives to set up shop. Thomas University, a cannabis research chair will soon be appointed, and will work closely with government officials on developing sound public policy. Public consultations in the province are set to begin in late August and run into September.

Mac Lachlan has stressed the importance of public education campaigns, particularly with regard to impaired driving.

(At the Council of Federation meeting last month between Canadian premiers, Pallister said he wanted it delayed for an entire year).

Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott made it clear during a recent visit to Winnipeg that such an extension would not be available to any provinces.

His office hasn't provided the public with so much as a timeline on when or how they plan to develop the province's framework for distribution, but did say in a written statement that a they've organized a working group that will "consider the various aspects of the federal legislation, such as the implementation of necessary provincial legislation and regulations, and the creation of an effective model for distribution and taxation."While mayors of Regina and Saskatoon have said that revenue from cannabis sales should go to cities to cover the "additional costs" of legalization, Wall has publicly disagreed, saying that revenues should go to education and the prevention of drug-impaired driving.

Like Wall in Saskatchewan, Premier Brian Pallister has putting more energy into convincing the federal government to delay the proposed date for legalization than coming up with a plan to implement it.

Following a plan similar to other provinces, the province implemented an online questionnaire and gave residents of Newfoundland and Labrador until early July to take part.

It covered topics like points of sale, legal age, enforcement, and road safety.

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