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Maybe I was paranoid, but I thought the girls were giving me dirty looks the whole time, and with my eyes I tried to tell them , but I wasn’t quite sure if the message was received.

The whole evening, Hef and I kept staring at each other.

He’d taken me to the car show where a photographer had said he wanted to set up a photo shoot with me, and at the time Zack was all for it. When I finally collected my thoughts, I told him I would see him at his birthday party.

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” “Well, I’ll be painted,” I corrected Zack, my live-in boyfriend. ” “I don’t know, but I’m sure it will be fine.” I wasn’t sure spending an evening as a painted girl at Hugh Hefner’s seventy-eighth birthday party would actually be fine, but I was hoping it would turn out to be. ” “This is Hugh Hefner.” “Yeah, right,” I said, thinking it was a prank call. “I look forward to seeing you at my birthday,” he said.

At the very least, I would make a couple hundred dollars, meet some cool people, and get a chance to check out the Playboy Mansion. And besides, it was Zack who had initiated the whole thing. “Also, I’d like you to consider being my girlfriend.” Still dripping wet from the shower, I stood there in shock. After all, I had just told Hugh Hefner to shut the f--- up. I brushed off the girlfriend thing, since I had no idea what that even meant.

But I knew enough to know that getting a phone call from someone who worked there could be the beginning of something big. I hopped out and saw that the call was from a 310 number. We buzzed security, who let us inside, and Zack pulled the car right up to the side entrance of the Mansion. “Whatever,” I mumbled back, barely even paying attention to him. I wanted to meet him and find out what he was all about. Hef laughed and we talked a little bit about the night. Being practically naked was not a big deal for me, and after a while I forgot that I didn’t like my hair and makeup.

Mark’s first call wasn’t guaranteed to lead to anything. It was hard to focus once I got a good look at the Mansion. Everything was so big and beautiful, and like nothing I had ever seen before. Not kind of virgin but, you know, still a little naive. Mark and his wife started painting me and putting rhinestones all over my body. Then they moved away from my boobs and focused on my hair and makeup. It was my first time ever having my hair and makeup done professionally, and I thought I looked like a drag queen. “I’ve never met a celebrity before in my life,” I said. He told me not to be nervous and invited me to stop by his table. He was very charming; he had a powerful way about him, and I liked it. At the party I served Jell-O shots to celebrities like Jack Nicholson, Pauly Shore, Donovan Mc Nabb, Fred Durst, and Brooke Burke. I simply went up to Brooke Burke, gave her a Jell-O shot, and politely told her that I loved her. Then Mark came up to me and told me to bring some Jell-O shots to Hef’s table. ” I asked nervously after glancing at Hef’s table, which was packed with beautiful women.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but something just felt right about it.

Hef didn’t offer me money or tell me he was going to make me a star.

I liked what I saw at the Mansion and, more important, I liked what I saw in Hef.

He was a good guy with good intentions, and in a short period of time I was able to understand that about him, so I was willing to take a risk and uproot my entire life.

At the end of the night Hef came up to me, gave me a key, and asked me to stay the night. I gave him the key back but told him I would see him again soon. Even though I hardly knew him yet, I saw a sweet man who made me feel really good about myself — a true gentleman.

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