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The Password Validator library makes it (more) trivial to use the new password hash functions in your application.Just add the validator to your authentication script and you're up and running.

In order to mitigate CSRF and session hijacking, it's important to require the current credentials for an account before updating sensitive account information such as the user's password, user's email, or before sensitive transactions, such as shipping a purchase to a new address.

Without this countermeasure, an attacker may be able to execute sensitive transactions through a CSRF or XSS attack without needing to know the user's current credentials.

Failure to utilize TLS or other strong transport for the login landing page allows an attacker to modify the login form action, causing the user's credentials to be posted to an arbitrary location.

Failure to utilize TLS or other strong transport for authenticated pages after login enables an attacker to view the unencrypted session ID and compromise the user's authenticated session.

Additionally, an attacker may get temporary physical access to a user's browser or steal their session ID to take over the user's session.

Some applications should use a second factor to check whether a user may perform sensitive operations.Make sure your usernames/userids are case insensitive.User 'smith' and user 'Smith' should be the same user. For high security applications usernames could be assigned and secret instead of user-defined public data.Hello, I have opened a ticket on this, but haven't heard any resolution on this.Internet searches have provided some info on this problem, however, the solution was that Playon came out with a version update..I have now upgraded twice, and getting this issue.For information on validating email addresses, please visit the input validation cheatsheet email discussion.

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