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Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America,) trails only the five Great Lakes as the largest by volume in the United States.

Its depth is 1,645 ft (501 m), making it the second deepest in the United States after Crater Lake in Oregon (1,945 ft (593 m)).

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Down-dropping and block tilting (half-grabens) created the Lake Tahoe Basin in between.

This kind of faulting is characteristic of the geology of the adjoining Great Basin to the east.

Snow and ski resorts are a significant part of the area's economy and reputation.

deepest lake in the world, and the fifth deepest in average depth.

Lake Tahoe is the youngest of several extensional basins of the Walker Lane deformation zone that accommodates nearly 12 mm/yr of dextral shear between the Sierra Nevada-Great Valley Block and North America.

Three principal faults form the Lake Tahoe basin: the West Tahoe Fault, aligned between Meyers and Tahoe City, and which is the local segment of the Sierra Nevada Fault, extending on shore north and south of these localities; the Stateline/North Tahoe Fault, starting in the middle of the lake and creating the relief that forms Stateline, NV; and the Incline Village Fault, which runs parallel to the Stateline/North Tahoe Fault offshore and into Incline Village.

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