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"I had hung out with a bunch of punks and scene kids, but the skinheads were the angriest people I knew. The skinheads gave me a place where I could focus the rage and anger I was experiencing," explains Martinez, who grew up in a middle-class household with a mechanical engineer dad and stay-at-home mom. Of the 474 deaths at the hands of domestic extremists between 19, according to the Anti Defamation League, the majority were committed by white supremacists."These groups have committed murders, bombings, attacks on gay bookstores," Potok says.

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Shannon Martinez sat on a porch in Marietta, Georgia with her friends. Martens and picked at her shoelaces as her long chestnut bangs—the only part of her head that wasn't shaved—fell in her face. As she bounced around from Michigan to Georgia in the early 1990s, the one constant in her life was her hate group.

An older African-American man walked down the street, as he did every day, passing their house on his way to work."Go home! And she wore the right uniform—red or white laces in her Dr.

Le phénomène skinhead est né au Royaume-Uni à la fin des années 1960.

Il est apparenté à la mouvance modernist (les mods).

"For a moment, maybe two, the man stared straight at the group—and then he kept walking."He didn't look mad. "It was a look of disappointment, like, Martinez identified as a white power skinhead for most of her teens.

Martens shoes, a Chelsea haircut (head shaved but for a section in the front), a Fred Perry-brand shirt or sweater under a bomber jacket—so skinheads could find her wherever she moved.

The neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, for example, has a recent article decrying women's right to vote, saying: "Feminism has made women unhinged. They have become a collective bloc, intent on forcing their own agenda onto men...

Modern women are completely out of control children who need discipline."But white supremacist women have carved out their own communities online—or so we're led to believe.

The movement appears to be growing overall—the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which tracks hate groups and their activity, tallied a 48% increase in membership over the last 15 years, and estimates that of the 892 hate groups in the U. Some of the leaders tell me if you recruit women, you get their kids and husbands, too." White supremacist groups have plagued this country for more than a century.


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