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Wherever practical, the previous (Aus AID) Australian AID Identifier should be replaced progressively and sensibly.

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The program has its own logo because it is a whole-of-government brand.

Its use is governed by its own brand guide and style guide.

An Australian aid initiative implemented by [insert NGO] on behalf of the Australian Government.

This publication has been funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

This publication is intended to provide general information only and before entering into any particular transaction users should: rely on their own enquiries, skill and care in using the information; check with primary sources; and seek independent advice.

The logo of a partner government, NGO or multilateral organisation (ie.

Formal signage for completed projects, such as foundation stones or commemorative plaques, should not be altered.

Managing contractors, NGOs or multilateral organisations and their staff must not use the Australian Government Coat of Arms or the Australian Aid Identifier on any stationery, including business cards, as this can incorrectly imply that the organisation acts with the authority of the Australian Government or that staff are Australian Government employees.

The Australian Aid identifier is used to badge Australia aid programs, projects and products.

The Australian Aid identifier can be used: files below are vector images and can print at high-resolution.

In brief: See the Australian Government Branding Guidelines and the Commonwealth Coat of Arms Guidelines by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.


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