Mentally handicapped dating a normal person

I'm glad that I found this site and joined because its a place that I feel comfortable being myself, and not having to worry about not being accepted.

Soulful Encounters chat rooms have long been my near nightly home but now with the addition of radio it’s like being in a night club with my best friends.

For those that have difficulty finding people that accept them as God made them then Soulful Encounters is your new home. Gimpydog I wanted to write you this letter to tell you how happy I am to have joined Soulful Encounters.

Before she grants a person access on the site, she goes through a screening process & does registration over the phone, to help weed~out all the riff~raff & kooks one can find on the net; monitoring conversation & interacting with each person randomly, without being intrusive.

When she does discover negative or suspicious activity by someone, that person is pulled aside & talked to by Louise herself, given a few chances to change their ways, & if things still continue, they are removed.

I enjoy communicating with the other members and knowing that I am not alone in struggling with a disability.

I have tried several different websites, and I wasn't treated very well, but here at Soulful Encoutners everyone treats each other with respect and everyone is like a big family.I shared my concern with you and you put me in touch with Robert another member and he went right to work making phone calls and sending emails to officials and being so supportive to me. Because of his support and determination I recently got my appeals approved and can now afford a caregiver, Praise God…..Maybe some day Robert can come out to Sunny San Diego and taste a real home made Mexican burrito, lol.Since joining this site, I have been able to meet many people from different walks of life, and it has given me the opportunity to truly know people as well as know where they are coming from.This truly is an incredible site, I suffer from major depression, anxiety disorder, and paranoid personality disorder with some agoraphobia.She makes a point to get to know all members on an individual basis.

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