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Intel Corporation was founded on July 18, 1968, by semiconductor pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore (of Moore's law fame), and widely associated with the executive leadership and vision of Andrew Grove.

If we in our sole discretion determine that you have engaged in abuse, misuse, or gaming in connection with the welcome bonus offer in any way or that you intend to do so (for example, if you applied for one or more cards to obtain a welcome bonus offer(s) that we did not intend for you; if you cancel or downgrade your account within 12 months after acquiring it; or if you cancel or return purchases you made to meet the Threshold Amount), we may not credit the welcome bonus to, we may freeze the welcome bonus credited to, or we may take away the welcome bonus from your account.

We may also cancel this Card account and other Card accounts you may have with us.

Additional terms and restrictions MR points being frozen).

Amex is obviously trying to give themselves legal cover for things they’ve already been doing (and probably have wanted to do even more) by freezing points accounts of those who’ve signed up for a card with a leaked signup link that was meant for a specific person or a shared signup code.

Credit Card that total $1,000 or more within your first 3 months of Card Membership starting from the date your account is approved.

Qualifying purchases can be made by the Basic Card Member and any Additional Card Members on a single Card account.Some smaller competitors such as VIA Technologies produce low-power x86 processors for small factor computers and portable equipment.However, the advent of such mobile computing devices, in particular, smartphones, has in recent years led to a decline in PC sales.The fact that "intel" is the term for intelligence information also made the name appropriate.Intel was an early developer of SRAM and DRAM memory chips, which represented the majority of its business until 1981.Other top semiconductor companies include TSMC, Advanced Micro Devices, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Toshiba and STMicroelectronics.

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