Christian young people dating

The movie Fireproof from 2008 was based on and accompanied by the book known as “The Love Dare” which was a 40 day spiritual challenge aimed at “Fireproofing” your marriage.

This link is also located at the very bottom of every page that's on this site. Eventually he would be commissioned as a deliver of Israel. Known for making the mistake of giving in to the people, in which he made them a secular object of worship; known as the golden calf.

Aaron Biblical Name Means: (Light-Bringer) - He was the eldest son of Amram and Jochebed. Abaddon Biblical Name Means: (Destruction / Ruin) - He is known as the "Angel of Destruction" who rules the "bottomless pit." This angel is known to rule the infernal regions; and wreak havoc on the earth.

Baal-berith Biblical Name Means: (covenant lord) - This was the false idol god that the Israelites to after Gideon died, for they began to prostitute themselves to the Baals.

Baal-hanan Biblical Name Means: (lord of grace) - He was the son of Achbor and became the seventh reigning king of Edom after Shaul died.

These writers are great references for anyone looking for a great read from the religious genre.

We have some world renowned pastors on our list such as Billy Graham, and Rick Warren, as well as the pioneer author/movie making tandem the Kendrick brothers.These are all terrific choices for authors when looking for a good read.These authors cover a wide spectrum of the Christian writing genre. whose name meant (a high father) -- was elevated to another level when it came to his covenant with the Lord.For God changed his name, that would be more fitting to his new discovered purpose.Know that this tool is located at the bottom of the Navigation Menu that's over to your left.

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