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Roberto will be there to talk about his trip and experience of wandering off the beaten path to take these amazing photos.

——————————————————————————————————- Postcards from Southern Italy Enjoy a collection of photographs taken by Roberto Soncin Gerometta on his recent assignment in Apulia, Basilicata, and Sicily.

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"I can't sit at a bar in Chicago or New York without a guy striking up a conversation with me, whereas in San Francisco, guys don't even look up from their laptops when I walk into a cafe," says Beth Cook, 34, a local business and life coach. "A lot of people are quick to blame tech, but that's oversimplification," counters Mc Gowan.

"I feel invisible in San Francisco and attractive whenever I leave." No surprise, then, that in that same Facebook study, San Francisco also ranked dead last in the likelihood of relationship formation, based on the number of Facebook users who changed their status from "single" to "in a relationship" during the period studied last fall. Is it possible that single, straight guys in San Francisco are just not interested in meeting women? We've all heard about Silicon Valley's epic "Peter Pan syndrome," in which thousands of young workers from around the world prolong their independence while carving out careers, heading west to strike (tech) gold.

' " my friend texted on a recent Tuesday while I was riding BART. For the past week, I realized, I had been too busy living "The Bachelorette." I'd been juggling guys and dates in a refreshing whirlwind of activity that, until recently, had been entirely foreign since I'd re-entered the singles scene almost a year ago. Census data show there are more single men than single women under 65 (though in San Francisco that doesn't necessarily mean single men who want to meet women).

And according to a Facebook study of its users conducted last fall, San Francisco rates highest among major American cities on the ratio of single men to single women.

The Bay Area’s over-reliance on technology and the pervasive belief that everything — even romance — can be solved with an app or lines of code is often the biggest hurdle Merrill faces when helping clients.

She views social skills as muscle — something that gets stronger with practice and weaker when neglected.

“We’ve become so much more about the goal than the journey.

Megan helped me reset that.” Wagner met his girlfriend on a dating site.

Despite loads of single men, getting a date is a no-man's land. "I'd forgotten what it was like to be flirted with," says Kink and Code blogger Emma Mc Gowan, 27, who noticed it during a recent visit to New York.

"I can't get over how reflexively men flirt in New York." Forget flirting; it sometimes seems as if guys don't see gals, period. It's easy to blame smartphones for replacing the normalcy of spontaneous face-to-face interaction.

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